Some Notable Bowles

Here is a cast of characters of notable Bowles over the years.

Alleyne Bolle of Bolle Hall in Lincolnshire is the reputed founder of the Bowles family.

Andrew Parker Bowles, a descendent of the Enfield Bowles, is the first husband of Camilla Parker Bowles, Prince Charles’s present wife.

Annie Bowles, the mother of the Canadian Prime Minister Lester Bowles Pearson.

Anthony Bowles was a leading musical director and conductor in London’s West End in the 1970’s and 1980’s.

Charles Bowles' life as a preacher is described in John W. Lewis's book Life, Labor, and Travels of Elder Charles Bowles of the Free Will Baptist Denomination, published in 1852.

Chester Bowles from Springfield Massachusetts founded the advertising agency, Benton and Bowles, in 1929, and, after the war, embarked on a lengthy political and ambassadorial career which lasted until the 1970’s.

Erskine Bowles from North Carolina was President Clinton’s Chief of Staff in the late 1990’s.

Fred G. Bowles was a Tin Pan Alley lyricist at the turn of the century who wrote such tunes as “Lassie O’Mine.”

Gussie Bowles developed his garden at Myddelton Hall in Hertfordshire as one of the leading examples of English country gardens in the 1930’s.

Jim Bowles was an old-time fiddler in Kentucky who passed away in 1993.

Sir John Bolle was the daring adventurer for Queen Elizabeth in the attack on Cadiz in 1595.

John Bowles sailed from England for America in the 1630’s and died there a wealthy Virginia plantation owner.

John Bowles started his glass factory in Southwark in 1677.

John “Chief” Bowles father was Scotch/Irish, his mother Cherokee. He became a Cherokee Chief, but was massacred with his people by Texan troops in the Battle of the Neches in 1839.

Michael Bowles from Sligo was musical director of Radio Eireann in the 1940’s.

Oliver Bowles, a rector in Sutton Bedfordshire, published his Puritan text A Treatise on the Evangelical Pastor in 1649.

Paul Bowles from New York achieved success as a musical composer and later, after he had moved to Tangier in 1950, as a writer and author of such novels as The Sheltering Sky. His wife Jane Bowles was also an accomplished writer.

Peter Bowles is a leading character actor in British television comedies.

Phineas Bowles stood trial in Australia in 1835 for the murder of his wife.

Sir Richard Bolles was a leading patron of the arts during the Restoration period.

Richard Nelson Bolles is the author of the best-selling job-hunting book, What Color Is Your Parachute?

Robert “Hanshi” Bowles, a 10th degree belt in shuri-ryu karate, was the first person in US karate history to win the triple crown of kata, kumite, and weapons.

Sally Bowles was the fictional heroine of Christopher Isherwood’s novel set in 1930’s Berlin, later made into the Broadway musical Cabaret.

Samuel Bowles started the Springfield Spectator as a country newspaper for Massachusetts and the Connecticut valley in 1824.

Stan Bowles was a popular English footballer in the 1970's and 1980's.

Thomas Bowles was a malt merchant in Cork in the 1640’s who helped set up the Bowles as landowners in Ireland.

Thomas Bowles started his renowned printing and publishing business in London in the 1690’s which was passed down over four generations.

Thomas Gibson Bowles, born illegitimately in London, was the founder of the magazine Vanity Fair in 1868 and, later, of The Lady. His motto in life: “Never go into a strange place on a falling tide without a pilot.”

William Bolle was one of Henry VIII’s commissioners in the dissolution of the monasteries and, from these profits, established his family at the Osberton manor in Nottinghamshire.

William Bowles was the adventurer from Maryland who sought to create an Indian country in Florida in the 1800’s against the forces of Spain and America. He failed.

William Bowles from Cork in Ireland spent most of his life in scientific pursuits in Spain. His work An Introduction to the Natural History and Physical Geography of Spain was published in Madrid in 1775. 

William Bowles started the French Lick resort spa in Indiana in the 1840's and later, as a Confederate sympathizer, narrowly escaped execution for treasonable activities.

Sir William Bowles, who married Palmerston’s sister, was Admiral of the Fleet in 1869.

William Leslie Bowles, born of Irish roots in New South Wales, was one of Australia’s foremost sculptors in the inter-war period.

William Lisle Bowles, a vicar’s son, wrote sonnets that were much admired by William Wordsworth.