The Bowles Name Website

Welcome to the Bowles Name Website. The name is not that common as a last name; but it is not that rare either.

The name does have an origin and a history. It started in England and at specific locations within England and spread, as migrations started, first to Ireland and America and then to Canada and elsewhere where English-speaking people went.

Some Bowles Traits

These Bowles do seem to have a certain flair about them.  There are some wonderful stories to be told about them; about Sir John Bolle, the Elizabethan adventurer, or John "Chief" Bowles who led his Indian people in a vainglorious fight against the Texan rangers.  And they had a stubborn individuality and eccentricity as well.  I liked the picture of David Bowles whooping it up in Missouri and almost burning his house down; and of Gussie Bowles lovingly tending his garden in the 1920's while not bothering to have electricity or a telephone installed in his house.

Bowles often inherited or secured land and property. But they always seemed to be looking for the main chance. This drew them to London and the trade pickings that were available there. This also drew them to Ireland and the New World when opportunities opened up in the 17th and 18th centuries.

Here, many tended to hold onto the old ways; Protestants in a Catholic Ireland and Conferate supporters in the American Civil War. However, maybe the Rev. Richard Bowles was right and the Bowles sojourn in Ireland did introduce a softer more adaptable side to them. Many of these Irish Bowles immigrants into Canada settled and thrived in their new environment.

This Website

This is my own personalized rambling through the Bowles history.  It includes my own Bowles family history as well. The site is meant mainly as a good read for Bowles enthusiasts like myself. Some good stories are to be found (there are links from the text to the web story page).  And those tracing their roots and ancestors may find some useful pointers here.

I welcome your feedback and your queries and comments.

Colin Shelley